Friday, August 12, 2011

Bonita Valley 10U all-Stars back in relaxed mode...For now!

   The Bonita Valley 10U all-Stars are back home and most back in school after spending the last 2  ½ months doing nothing but eating and breathing softball! These girls must have dreamt softball as much as they worked and played. I’m sure it’s nice for most of them as well as parents to be able to relax after school and not worry about a 3 hour practice. I’m also sure there will be some softball withdrawal but most will start back up in a couple weeks so they will get right back into it.  I remember the excitement from the girls when they got selected to this team back in the spring but I’m thinking that the excitement  probably went out the window after the first workout. The workouts that kicked off the 2011 all-star season was nothing short of  a big league spring training regimen. The first week of workouts were nothing but conditioning accompanied by some throwing up as well as tears that flowed down some of the girls cheeks. You ask why so much running and stretching for 10 yr old girls, very simple, they were getting prepared for the long run. Conditioning got tougher and tougher but easier for the girls as the weeks passed by. We all saw the progress from start to finish and what a difference that conditioning made. It came into play in some tourneys when they needed it.  Most of this team played together in the winter of 2010 with the same coaching staff and did very well winning their league. Parents and coaches saw a glimpse of what was going to possibly be the 10U Gold all-stars at Bonita Valley. So once the selections were made in the spring of 2011, excitement starting brewing. Great group of girls with an addition of some new faces, you had a sense that these girls could make a serious run…


  First tournament on Memorial Day weekend was  to set the tone for these BV girls winning that tourney on a walk off shot  leaving Rancho Penasquitos on the field with a look of pure disbelief . 

Coach Clemente had a goal for this team and that was to win 3 first place trophies, go to States then Nationals. First Tourney check! They went on an impressive run winning 1st or second place the first 6 tournaments they played in which included winning the Southern San Diego District Championships. That Districts championship final game was one for the ages beating Santee in the final on another  walk off this one being a homerun by the BV cleanup hitter! It was all done with 2 outs  and we all remember that as if it just happened yesterday….


  These girls were known for comebacks and stepping up with 2 outs against them sparking the chants “2 out nightmare”. They had the swagger as I mentioned before but it was confidence that they had in themselves that made this team special. They never gave up and always believed they could win no matter the score, no matter the opponent. They proved it so many times on that field through the summer and parents couldn’t have asked for much more than the effort they all gave.  The coaches goal was to finish in the top 5 at the States Tournament but fell a little short of that goal placing 7th overall. You got the sense that it wasn’t really a huge upset because BV could have easily won that State Tournament. They certainly had the talent to do so. Getting the berth to the “Big Show” was now on the their minds. The girls prepared the next  two weeks after States and worked hard with one focus, NATIONALS! Bonita Valley has  had much success in previous years at the National Tournaments and with this 10U group being the sole representative of Bonita Valley this year, I’d say it added a little more flare to it…


  Fresno, Ca was the home to the 2011 ASA Western B Nationals from August 1st-7th   and some stiff competition was to be expected! Softball in Southern California is considered to be the best region in the Nation when it comes to talent so teams were ready to go. BV felt that it could compete with any team in SoCal and the Nation so there was a feeling BV could do very well at the National tourney. This is what all of those 2 ½ to 3hr workouts and all of those prior tournaments came down to..

Starting the National tournament games on Wednesday August 3rd  , BV won their first 4 games putting them in the winners bracket through Friday. The girls, coaches and parents were relaxed but knew this was not going to stay this easy. It was about to get tougher. The game  for Saturday morning was scheduled vs Los Alamitos, Ca and a win would have given BV two games to play on Saturday instead of 3 with a loss. BV was very aware of Los Al facing them in prior tourneys and the fact they were State Champions crossed their minds but it was game time. No room to think about that too much.

Well, the girls lost that game 7-5 but it really could have went either way. BV didn’t play loose and were a little tight during the game but had to refocus to get back into this tournament quickly. Coaches did a great job of getting them back on track. They ended up playing two more games that day and ran the teams they faced sending them home. Girls were back!  The BV girls were now guaranteed the top 5 spots at Nationals  going for top 3 the next game. Game time  Sunday was at 8am vs Corona, Ca.  They were another team BV knew and felt they could beat. The pitcher for Corona held the BV girls to 1 run to win that game 3-1. It was heartbreaking game with so many missed opportunities that again could have made the outcome of this game different. It was a great effort by the girls and perhaps the extra games on Saturday may have played a factor on their bodies. Playing 3 games in one day in 95 degree weather is not easy for anyone let alone 10 yr old girls but they never complained and showed what they were made of. To come back the following day after that and to wake up at 6:15am to be at warm-ups at 7am for an 8am game time! Tired just thinking about it…The girls showed lots of heart and everyone was extremely proud of them.


  Bonita Valley finished in 5th place at the ASA Western B Nationals but represented their league like true champions. They had respect on and off the field and was great to see other teams that had lost to BV in prior tourneys cheer them on during games. When opposing parents wished  BV “good luck” or would say “ we heard about  BV”,  it’s a true testament to how well these girls played and carried themselves between the white lines. These girls should be proud of themselves for their wonderful accomplishments. Taking home more hardware than a home depot for them to serve as wonderful memories of this 2011 all-star season. The feedback of well wishes prior, during and after this tournament by the league, other parents and all others was amazing. The community was behind this team and it just seems like things will be in slow motion for a little while after being in a softball thrust these past months. Their overall record was 49 games  39-10, scoring 290 runs!  One thing these girls did was hit and hit well!


3-1st Place finishes

3-2nd place finishes

7th @ States

5th @ Nationals



Great job ladies!  I’d say that was a great run for BV and we all look forward to seeing this team in the coming years as they will be a force to be reckoned with for a while!


From all the fans and parents,

Thank you for this memorable season!









Monday, July 11, 2011

BVGASA 10U Golds going to NATIONALS !!

It was a great weekend for ASA fastpitch in Lancaster, Ca. Over 100 teams showed up to the "B" States Southern California Tournament for a shot at the State title and hopes for a berth to the 2011 Nationals in Fresno, Ca. The 10UG division was a tough group of 32 teams with rosters deep in talent. Bonita Valley had just come off A District Championship a couple weeks ago so had high expectations for the State Tournament. BV had a great draw and only needed to win the first 2 games played to get a berth to Nationals but ended up losing their first game on perhaps what was called a controversial play. It was a 1-1 game as both teams were grinding to get that second run knowing that might be enough to get the win when the obstruction call was made by the umpire. The obstruction call at 3rd awarded the runner home. Everyone watching that game saw that there was absolutely no play at 3rd base and the fielder simply bumped into the runner covering her bag. That blown call which allowed the run to advance made the score 2-1 at that point, it was all she wrote. Of course you can't sit here and say that the bad call was the game decider because of other factors on the field but it definitely changed the dynamics of that game and ultimately the way BV now had to play...

Many teams would look at losing the first game at a State Tournament as a sign that it wasn't meant to be but not the Bonita Valley girls. There was no doubt that these girls would refocus and get it done. Facing elimination after Friday's game, BV needed to win 3 in a row to get a berth to Nationals.
I compare it to the starting gates in a race with all engines roaring and ready to go! They came out of the gates @ 9:45am Saturday beating Camarillo 11-3, beating Rancho Trabuco 5-3, beating La Mirada 7-1 and finally with a 9:00pm game time, beating Downey 6-2. Bonita Valley sent 3 of those teams home with no Berths to Nationals!

I have to say, comebacks in the final innings never get old and have been a staple for this Bonita Valley team. Playing Rancho Trabuco in that second game Saturday down 3-0 and winning the game in the last inning? Again? Not only did BV win the game 5-3 but added salt to the wound by doing it all with 2 OUTS! Never say die with these girls...Say 2 out nightmare. Bonita Valley had faced Rancho Trabuco in a prior tourney and had the same result so I know they had dreams of the RED, WHITE & BLUE!

Winning 4 games in a row after losing game 1 and facing elimination was not only a great accomplishment but a statement for these girls.
Dealing with the 95 degree weather and heavy hearts with one of their own teammates in the hospital perhaps found a little inspiration from #6.
These girls have no fear, no doubt and it definitely shows the drive they have to be winners on and off the field.
It's also a compliment when surrounding teams come to watch BV play and show interest in this team many are getting to know very well in SoCal!

Next stop for these girls are Nationals in 3 weeks so you better believe that these girls will be prepared to face the best teams in the entire Nation!

Good Luck Bonita Valley ASA! -SoCalSports619

Thursday, July 7, 2011

States to begin tomorrow!

Here we are in the desert in brisk 96 degree weather waiting with anticipation to start our State Tournament tomorrow. The girls are ready for this tournament and have shown time after time that they can answer the challenge when their backs are to the wall. Our pitching seems to be healthy after a scare with our PLAYA Syd thinking she may have suffered a fracture now downgraded to a contusion...Defense is solid and hitting has never been an issue with the BV girls but at times have found themselves flat an inning here and there but never do they give up nor do the parents!
They win as a team and lose as a team and have no ego's but are a bunch of humble girls that just enjoy playing the game of softball.
Its been such an awesome experience these last 7 weeks with this Bonita Valley team that you almost don't want it to end but know that it has to so why not with a trip to Nationals!
BV will face good teams this weekend at States as SoCal has the best teams perhaps in the entire Nation but I believe these girls will go deep here in Lancaster because of their drive, ability and leadership...

Good luck this weekend Girls and let's get to the Big show for our fallen but recovering teammate Selena!
Our prayers are with her and her family...

First game @12pm tomorrow vs Corona...Let's go BV!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Southern San Diego District Champs!

As we head into the final weekend Tourney before States, we are still reflecting on last weekend and how the BV girls really made a mark on the ASA circuit. When people talk about the BVGASA 10U gold team they don’t realize how much confidence these girls really have in themselves as we all saw once again at the District tournament in Santee. Beating tough teams is something the girls from BV do but add a little late game heroics and you have the making of some unbelievable finishes! Playing Santee which was perhaps an even match for BV that Sunday, came out to play and didn’t look like they were intimidated at all!  In fact, the game was pretty one sided until it happened. Yes, another last minute run that put a stamp on this team’s presence!  

Bonita Valley manages to get  bases loaded with 2 outs in the last inning of the championship game when #52 steps up to the plate. This girl has seen more intentional walks than Albert Pujols lately.

She is up with bases loaded with the score at 5-3 Santee and 2 outs when for no reason the pitcher decided to throw her a ball in her comfort zone with a 3-1 count.. Really?  Well,  Miss Madie did what any power hitter would do in that situation and that was to wallop the ball over the center fielder to clear the bases... Guess what? Another walk off for Bonita Valley.   

I have to tell you the elation we all had when we realized that ball was going over the fielders head was something of amazement and relief!  From the look on the proud parents to the reaction of the girls and coaches was something that will be implanted in my brain for a long time to come…BV girls have the never say die attitude and you need that when playing this game. I just don’t know if the Parents can handle too much more of these games with an up and down emotional ride! I tell you what, with those kinds of finishes, it’s all worth it!

Great job ladies and let’s go get them at STATES next weekend! ..SoCalSports619

Monday, June 20, 2011

BV wins it all at Poway!!!

BV Girls rocked it this weekend at the Poway Summer Classic going 6-0 and beating PQ  2-1 in the final!  Was a great game that came down to who wanted it more! Great showing out there by the girls making great defensive plays and using the bats when we needed them! Let’s keep building momentum to carry us on to Nationals! GO BV !! –SoCalSports619


Monday, June 13, 2011

Great showing in Los Alamitos!

Girls played awesome in The Los Alamitos tournament this past weekend. We fell short in the championship game against Simi Valley but nothing to be ashamed of and we tip our hats to them! Great teams at the tournament showing us why SoCal dominates the sport of ASA softball. We faced Rancho Trabuco whom had been 18-0 coming into the game against us and in true BV fashion had to go down to the wire again! Tied at 4 going into the last inning our girls found a way to score 3 runs on perhaps one of the top 10U teams in the NATION! Rancho Trabuco, with their backs to the wall, came out of the gates in that final inning and scored 2 runs to make the game 8-7 showing why they are a premiere team in the state of California. Our Bonita Valley Girls managed to get the 3rd out stranding the tie run at 3rd base to get a great win. Great all around effort by our girls and it just goes to show that the BV 10U Gold team now has to be considered a team to be wreckoned with in California, perhaps, the Nation....

Sunday, June 12, 2011

BV girls in the final again!

Girls are beating some good teams out here in Los Alamitos and playing good ball! About to face Simi Valley in the championship game! Go BV!!