Monday, July 11, 2011

BVGASA 10U Golds going to NATIONALS !!

It was a great weekend for ASA fastpitch in Lancaster, Ca. Over 100 teams showed up to the "B" States Southern California Tournament for a shot at the State title and hopes for a berth to the 2011 Nationals in Fresno, Ca. The 10UG division was a tough group of 32 teams with rosters deep in talent. Bonita Valley had just come off A District Championship a couple weeks ago so had high expectations for the State Tournament. BV had a great draw and only needed to win the first 2 games played to get a berth to Nationals but ended up losing their first game on perhaps what was called a controversial play. It was a 1-1 game as both teams were grinding to get that second run knowing that might be enough to get the win when the obstruction call was made by the umpire. The obstruction call at 3rd awarded the runner home. Everyone watching that game saw that there was absolutely no play at 3rd base and the fielder simply bumped into the runner covering her bag. That blown call which allowed the run to advance made the score 2-1 at that point, it was all she wrote. Of course you can't sit here and say that the bad call was the game decider because of other factors on the field but it definitely changed the dynamics of that game and ultimately the way BV now had to play...

Many teams would look at losing the first game at a State Tournament as a sign that it wasn't meant to be but not the Bonita Valley girls. There was no doubt that these girls would refocus and get it done. Facing elimination after Friday's game, BV needed to win 3 in a row to get a berth to Nationals.
I compare it to the starting gates in a race with all engines roaring and ready to go! They came out of the gates @ 9:45am Saturday beating Camarillo 11-3, beating Rancho Trabuco 5-3, beating La Mirada 7-1 and finally with a 9:00pm game time, beating Downey 6-2. Bonita Valley sent 3 of those teams home with no Berths to Nationals!

I have to say, comebacks in the final innings never get old and have been a staple for this Bonita Valley team. Playing Rancho Trabuco in that second game Saturday down 3-0 and winning the game in the last inning? Again? Not only did BV win the game 5-3 but added salt to the wound by doing it all with 2 OUTS! Never say die with these girls...Say 2 out nightmare. Bonita Valley had faced Rancho Trabuco in a prior tourney and had the same result so I know they had dreams of the RED, WHITE & BLUE!

Winning 4 games in a row after losing game 1 and facing elimination was not only a great accomplishment but a statement for these girls.
Dealing with the 95 degree weather and heavy hearts with one of their own teammates in the hospital perhaps found a little inspiration from #6.
These girls have no fear, no doubt and it definitely shows the drive they have to be winners on and off the field.
It's also a compliment when surrounding teams come to watch BV play and show interest in this team many are getting to know very well in SoCal!

Next stop for these girls are Nationals in 3 weeks so you better believe that these girls will be prepared to face the best teams in the entire Nation!

Good Luck Bonita Valley ASA! -SoCalSports619

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